GA Food Group
About Us

About Us

Georgia Food Group LLC, located in Atlanta, Georgia, has nearly 10 years of experience providing quality food service to clients both large and small in the entertainment, fine dining, hospitality, sports entertainment and corrections industries in Nevada. Georgia Food Group is owned and operated by the Share holders of Nevada Food Group since 2008, Nevada Food Group (Georgia Food Group) is known for providing exceptional service and specific attention to each of our clients. As the demands for new competitor in the South East Coast Regions expand, the Nevada Food Group began a subsidiary company Georgia Food Group to meet those demands to service the clients of Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana and surrounding states along the East Coast.

Since our beginning, we have been a company that emphasizes on integrity, customer service, passion, accountability and growth. Nevada Food Group goes to great lengths to provide optimum service in a timely manner; delivering the service you deserve.

Our philosophy and the heart of our business was built on accountability dedication and innovative well blended intelligent staff members who collectively build and grow our business, company’s values and believes; which allows us to expand in the capacity as we have over the years. From Alabama, Nevada, New York, and now Georgia, we have provided catering, food service for entertainers and fine dining in private sectors.

Georgia Food Group is dedicated and committed to building lasting relationships with clients in Georgia and surrounding states.