GA Food Group


Job Summary (Food Service Worker)

If you have a passion for food and are looking for a great way to enter the industry, food service work may be the right choice to set you on your career path. Working in food service offers many opportunities for advancement of your career, but it generally requires little in the way of skills and specialized experience to get started. Food service workers are encouraged to learn on the job, which means that you make money while learning valuable skills that can help you advance in your career. Food service is a great industry for new workers who are looking for a versatile skill set, as well as established employees who want to change their careers or just make a little extra cash on the side.

Job Responsibilities

·Aid cooks in preparing meals and plating food as requested by the chef or other supervising employee.

·Prepare simple meals such as salads or desserts.

·Help cooks with food preparation duties for the day by cutting, peeling, or slicing as needed.

·Greet and take customer orders, remember special requests, and deliver food in a timely manner.

·Demonstrate excellent customer service with a positive demeanor when dealing with restaurant patrons, fielding all complaints promptly, answering questions, and making meal suggestions when asked.

·Assist with cleaning the restaurant and dining area by picking up trash, clearing and washing plates and dishes, and wiping down tables as needed.

·Adhere to food safety standards at all times, making sure that all food is free or contaminants and pathogens that might make customers sick.

·Clean pots, pans, and any other dishes in the kitchen as needed, adhering to safety and sanitation standards at all times.

Job Requirements


·Food handlers license or certification that is valid in your area

·Excellent customer service skills and ability to deal with a variety of restaurant patrons

·Knowledge of kitchen sanitation, cleaning, and maintenance


·High school degree or GRE

·Ability to walk or stand for long periods of time

Warehouse Worker

Job Summary (Warehouse Worker)

If you are looking for an opportunity to put your data entry and detail-oriented organizational skills to use, then this warehouse associate job opportunity is just the thing for you. As a warehouse associate, you are responsible for pulling and preparing orders for shipment, as well as managing the data entry necessary to completing each order’s paperwork. You are also responsible for helping to keep the warehouse space neat and orderly. This may involve moving inventory and helping with team reorganization efforts. It may also involve more routine cleaning and maintenance duties, as determined by the needs of the day and assigned by your supervisor or team leader.

Job Responsibilities

·Pull and prepare orders for shipment, delivering the proper paperwork, packaging, and quantity for each order to the required destination in shipping and receiving.

·Perform data entry, merchandise scan-ins, and other required quality assurance steps that confirm the contents of each order while tracking inventory for the company.

·Receive, verify, stage, and stock incoming material, either independently or as part of a team depending on order size and daily staffing needs.

·Assist with counter sales and delivery as appropriate and as needed.

·Ensure the warehouse area is cleaned, organized, and that all safety procedures are being followed at all times by yourself and your team mates.

·Inspect and maintain warehouse equipment including pallet jacks, floor lifts, and basic tools. Report any malfunctions, insufficiencies, or necessary repairs through the relevant channels.

·Provide dependable, shift-long coverage of the warehouse facilities to ensure order fulfillment operates as efficiently as possible for the duration of the warehouse associate’s shift.

Job Skills & Qualifications


·Dependable daily attendance and work output

·Strong organizational work

·Detail-oriented outlook toward tasks


·Some prior warehouse and logistics experience

·Materials handling certifications relevant to the products in stock

·Experience with warehouse equipment, including forklifts, pallet jacks, and computer-based inventory systems

Line Cook

Job Summary (Line Cook)

If you are interested in a career in the culinary industry, we’re pleased to offer you the ideal position to begin your pursuit of such a goal. We are currently looking to hire new line cooks to work at our local bar-and-grill-style casual dining restaurant. In this position, you’ll work under the direction of our team of professional chefs learning to prepare dishes comprised of beef, pork, poultry and seafood and how to complement such entrees with vegetables, breads and sauces. Not only will this position teach you how to prepare delicious food, but it will also provide you with experience in plate presentation as well as how to work well in a high-pressure environment.

Job Responsibilities

·Prepare and serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinnertime meals as instructed by the shift’s lead chef in a timely enough manner so as to meet our customer satisfaction standards.

·Rotate on a daily basis (and during scheduled shifts) from various stations to perform different tasks, such as entrée, side dish, dessert and appetizer prep, plate garnishing, and food portioning.

·Work in conjunction with other line cooks and kitchen staff to ensure that food is rotated on schedule from freezers and walk-ins to prep areas, and then on to the line for cooking.

·Assist with shift changeover to ensure that customer’s orders are filled before leaving.

·Maintain a clean and sanitary working environment at all times by observing kitchen rules and our chef’s personal requirements.

·Ensure that all cooking, prep, and food handling areas and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized at the end of every work day.

·Attend required training classes to augment your cooking skills as required by our team of chefs.

·Familiarize yourself with proper food handling regulations as well as contamination controls.

Job Skills & Qualifications


·Must be at least 18 years of age

·Current food handlers permit

·Able to meet physical demands such as lifting at least 50 lbs. as well as standing on your feet for up to 8 hours to 12 hours per day



·High school diploma or its equivalent

·Culinary school training

·Previous experience working in a kitchen or restaurant setting, or in a team-oriented environment